Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY pochade box - lid support detail

A fellow artist who made a Serett pochade box asked me some pictures of the lid support installation and position.

I installed the end part (with pivot) of lid support to the top part of the pochade box about 1 inch away from the back. With the pivot, it gives about 1 3/4 in away from the back. I then installed a bolt for the wing nut 3 inches away from the back. This makes it possible to open the pochade box to its maximum.


Jeremy said...

That's brilliant! why in the world didn't I think of that? I like the way you have the end piece inset in the lid to keep it flush...nice work!

walter said...

could you be so kind to post the list of items you used for such a nice box.

Unknown said...

We cannot find this hinge support anywhere. Can you tell me where you found one.


Unknown said...

In fact, I can't find the plans on Jim Serret's blog. Can you help me with this too?


Dan said...

I just joined your website and was thrilled to see the pochade box you made. I would like to know how I could order the hinge support. Please share the specifications such as brand name, name of the store and the size etc. I am not sure I could find the hinge in Southern California. I may have to order, so if you have their website I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for your kindness.