Saturday, November 09, 2013

George portrait reworked

I thought I did not really quite captured the likeness with George at the PSEC demo. So I asked George if I could reworked the portrait a bit more before giving it to him. So I think this is the final result...after and before reworking.

after reworking


PSEC portrait challenge 2013 results

The results are in but I am a bit late on reporting it. Sorry. All usual I was nervous as a leaf shaking. The surprise model was George Dedoyard, a superb artist from Laval. I had only met him during the plein air in Tremblant. Denis had asked him to be the model and it was a very good choice. Here are pictures of the portraits we did.

left to right: Denis Jacques, Ann Rochefort, George Dedoyard, me and Juan Cristobal.

by Denis Jacques

by Juan Cristobal

by Ann Rochefort

by me

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PSEC portrait challenge 2013

I was invited again this year to participate in the PSEC portrait challenge. This is year has the same line up. Master pastelliste Denis Jacques, master pastelliste Juan Cristobal, last year's grand prize winner Ann Rochefort and me. I feel tiny among giants...hehe. Butterflies are coming back...Oh! its this Friday November 1st at Ogilvy's (5th floor) in Montreal. Pastels starts flyin' at 4pm and finishes at 6pm. Then its the PSEC exhibition opening or vernissage at 7pm. Oh I cannot wait! For

I wonder who is our next victim?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Saturday in Tremblant

I had a chance to go paint with several artists in Tremblant. It was fun and we had perfect weather. Here are some pictures of that beautiful Saturday.

 Helmut and Michel
 Anne Letourneau
 Georges Dedoyard
 Monique Gosselin

 devil's river
 bridge near Brebeuf
canola fields

Monday, September 02, 2013

25e Festival de Peinture a Mascouche

It was fun to be in the 25th edition of Festival de Peinture a Mascouche. Making new friends and seeing old friends again. This year the invited artist Jacques Leveillee did a retropective of his works. Wow!

 Jacques Leveillee giving a lecture.

 Me and Monique Dupuis with my oil sketch of her.

Monique Oil 12x18

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bois des Filion symposium + festival de peinture a Mascouche

The past weekend I participated at the 15th edition of Bois des Filion art symposium. Got beautiful weather but not much crowd though. :(  I had a bit of time to paint which was awesome! I did a couple of landscapes and a portrait inspired by Vermeer and the film a girl with a pearl earring starring Scarlett Johannson. Hopefully I can continue working on her at the Festival de peinture a Mascouche this coming long weekend Aug 30 - Sept 2. This year it will be celebrating the 25th year! Come visit and see great art and artists at work! Hope to see you there.

Ile de Bonaventure, Gaspesie, oil 9x12

Ogunquit shore, oil 9x12

Scarlett Johannson oil 14x18

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Underpaintings: Words of Wisdom: Vlaho Bukovac

from Underpaintings: Words of Wisdom: Vlaho Bukovac

"First learn how to look  – the hand will do its part of the work obediently." 

"Drawing is the ground of everything..."

"For you, the drawing is what the pattern is to the tailor: if the pattern is no good, all the work done later will come to nothing."

"With poor drawings, there is no form; there is nothing but blotches."

"The drawing is the skeleton of your picture, whatever it is you paint. If you have the bone, the flesh and the skin and the clothing will sit on it. If you have no bones, what is going to bear all that weight?"

"You don't need a hundred colours to express yourself. Nature didn't need so many."

"In nature, the sky is the lightest thing of all. Even the face, if we draw it against the sky, and if it isn't directly lit by the sun, is always dark."

When he saw a scene done from a great distance with little figures in it, he would always laugh and say, "Those are just flies in milk. When a figure on the canvas becomes as tiny as an insect in nature, then away with it! Better it wasn't there."

"White shines against a dark background, but on white canvas it loses its whiteness."

"Better. . . is an enemy of good."

"If you are uncertain, then be economical. The harm from prodigality is always greater than that from prudence."

"However difficult it is to start a picture, it is still more difficult to stop at the right time."

"Art does not tolerate any ready-made recipes. It is free, and all possible makings and techniques are welcome, only if they lead to the right end."

"When you think you have achieved something, that you are swelling with pride and satisfaction, then look up, of an evening, into the sky, and the sky will tell you how big you really are."