Saturday, November 09, 2013

George portrait reworked

I thought I did not really quite captured the likeness with George at the PSEC demo. So I asked George if I could reworked the portrait a bit more before giving it to him. So I think this is the final result...after and before reworking.

after reworking


PSEC portrait challenge 2013 results

The results are in but I am a bit late on reporting it. Sorry. All usual I was nervous as a leaf shaking. The surprise model was George Dedoyard, a superb artist from Laval. I had only met him during the plein air in Tremblant. Denis had asked him to be the model and it was a very good choice. Here are pictures of the portraits we did.

left to right: Denis Jacques, Ann Rochefort, George Dedoyard, me and Juan Cristobal.

by Denis Jacques

by Juan Cristobal

by Ann Rochefort

by me