Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Black Mamba

This is a Nike spot that Hybride worked on.

Black Mamba 2, Black Mambe Returns...lol

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Jim Serrett said...

Jeff, Very nice pochade box.
Just think of all the money you saved and can now use for new paints, panels and

As far as the attachment system, a few artists have had issues with the t-nut installation, mainly from using a soft wood. With a hard wood or plywood you won’t have this issue.
I do think your mounting method is the better approach, but I had a fear that if I had to replace the t-nut I would have to remove the base plate which I glued and nailed on.
Looking back and from talking with other artist I think if one was to use a thicker bottom panel you could permanently attach a quick release tripod mount. However that raises the question of added weight, I have got to say as to date I have not had a problem with the mounting and my box has had couple of good falls.

A quick tip to remove the wet panel, tilt the tripod base foreword until it is nearly parallel to the ground so that the painted panel is supported by the Pochade lid. Release the bungee and just slide the panel off directly into a panel carrier. Will cut down on any retouching back in the studio.

Really enjoyed your site and your work.
Can not wait to see some sketches and plein-airs from your new kit.

Yea, would love to go on a painting adventure in Montreal, who knows one day that just might happen.
Best to you and yours, Jim