Saturday, November 13, 2010

Renato 'Boy' Sagario 1942 - 2010 RIP

I just learned yesterday that artist and teacher Renato 'Boy' Sagario in Cebu, Philippines passed away at the age of 68. He was my very first art teacher back in 1980 at Gallery 90. I attended the summer art workshop with Boy Sagario and continued under him for several years before he recommended me to Tony Vidal. His teachings I still remember and I today teach what he taught me. I did my very first portrait with him which was a portrait of my father.(below) He was born to be a teacher and even in his 60's he was teaching. He will surely be missed. God Bless you Boy and may your teaching live in the future generations to come. RIP.


Anonymous said...

he was onced my teacher ,too back in the late 90's...may you rest in peace Sir Boy.

Anonymous said...

My dream of becoming a painter was realized because of you, Sir Boy, and I am forever grateful for that.
Your death leaves a heartache that no one can heal. May the Angels bring you to eternal happiness and allow you to continue what you always loved to do eversince.. Painting.
Rest in peace Sir Boy. You will always be in my prayers. ~basia~