Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving painting festival

The past long weekend was the Painting festival in Mascouche. I won an honourable mention on the drawing 'Karl' in charcoal. I am very surprised that I won. There was a lot of really good artists and their works. I also participated on an onsite symposium where I did a portrait of Karl and figure of him from photos.

This is Jean Guy Carier, one of the instructors for watercolor. We put the 2 painting up for publicity for course in 'basic drawing' and 'figure drawing'.

This is Claude De Lorimier (right). This is the second year she is present at the festival. This is also second time we bought a painting from her. :)

Claude working away with her artworks in the background. The one I bought is the one behind the canvas (beside the 4 small ones). Her work is breath taking...

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Mokuu said...

Congradulation man, that must have been a blast!